Our mission is to empower tenants. To that end, we counsel and advise tenants on their rights so that they can take care of their problem through our limited scope representation program.

Vlodaver Law Offices, LLC  will provide a cost effective 45 minute consultation, providing tenants with an outline of their rights under Minnesota law and guidance on how to proceed with their case. We provide legal arguments, relevant statutory authority, and procedure. Vlodaver Law Offices, LLC certainly provides Landlords with legal assistance. There are many small and midsize Landlords whom need legal assistance and we are happy to help.

Every tenant has unique needs. Some clients may prefer to have attorneys represent them in a limited capacity. After the 45 minute consultation, if you decide you need additional services, we provide these services to you at a flat rate. This saves you money. More importantly, this helps to achieve your goals in an efficient manner.

  • 45 minute consultation = $100
  • Demand letter = $200
  • Complaint or answer to complaint = $300
  • Other legal work = Negotiable on an hourly or flat fee basis  

Please call Royee at 651-690-9906


One response to “About

  1. Royee,

    Love the blog bud. This is good stuff! Thanks again for meeting this morning. I look forward to speaking with you again real soon.

    Best regards,

    Scott Larson

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