Landlord/Tenant Options in the Face of Destruction

The destruction of the May 22nd tornado damaged a number of apartment complexes in North Minneapolis. Various landlords have to decide whether they are going to repair the damage to their property.

Read about some of the decisions landlords are facing after the damage of the tornado:

Tenants of these damaged properties also have questions and concerns. Under Minnesota law, if a building is either destroyed, or becomes unfit for human occupancy because of a natural disaster or the elements, the tenant is not required to pay rent to the landlord.   If the rental unit is habitable but needs repairs, the tenant may be eligible for a rent reduction during the time that the unit is being repaired.  The landlord is responsible for repairing the damaged rental property and maintaining other property included in the rental agreement.

Further landlord and tenant rights and responsibilities can be found on the Minnesota Attorney General’s website:


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