New Laws…

Overhaul of MN Landlord-Tenant Law?

A few weeks ago, Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty signed into law what some people view as the predecessor (or stepping stone) to a full tenant’s “Bill of Rights.”  It contains some significant changes that impact landlord-tenant relations – yet, many people are calling for even more.  For now, this will have to suffice…

Check out the news story:

Also, take a peek at this summary of some of the changes:

I just wanted to make you aware that changes have taken place – and changes may continue in the future.  Here are some of the “highlights” of this legislation:

  • Caps on late payment penalties
  • Landlord screening controls (regarding fees and criteria disclosure)
  • Added penalties for landlord misconduct

The new law also includes a few compromises that benefit landlords – including civil damages or penalties if applicants do not accurately disclose the appropriate information.

I will keep you posted regarding the practical implications we discover as the various provisions take effect over the next six months.


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