Your Mom Told You: “Be Nice”

This is what I would call “business” advice. 

Let’s say you are a tenant and you rent a unit in any of the multiple types of dwellings in the St. Paul area, from a college four-plex to a high-rise apartment building.  You and your landlord have always gotten along alright.  At least, there have been no major spats. 

But, one day, you forget to pay your rent on time, and the landlord comes knocking at your door, interrupting an invigorating session on your Nintendo Wii.  Instead of apologizing for your forgetfulness and cutting your landlord a check, you puff haughtily, “Look, I always pay on time. Give me a break. Besides, I know people.  I’d like to see you try to evict me.”

This would put a damper on your landlord-tenant relationship.  Instead, as the following MSN article on “How to hit up your landlord for cheaper rent, perks,” explains, making nice and learning names can go a long way to staving off conflict.


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